“You were engaging, impressive, musically communicative in a way I wish all organists could be. The music was wonderful and you showed the organ's warmth and orchestral qualities as no one else could do so well.
Craig Whitney, Author of All The Stops

“Nigel Potts is a musician of exceptional refinement; his resplendent playing and alluring personality resonate with those who thought they never cared for organ music.”
Paul Jacobs, Concert Organist

“Nigel Potts is one of those rare organists who can quickly size up the musical potential of an instrument and then exploit it to the fullest. He brings out the best qualities in an organ by using inventive registrations for maximum tonal color and the full dynamic range. He will go to great lengths to find just the right sound to express the intent of the music. His playing exhibits both good taste and a flair for the dramatic.”
Jack M. Bethards, President and Tonal Director
Schoenstein & Co. Organ Builders, San Francisco, CA

“When Nigel Potts takes his place at the console, an audience can be assured of a stimulating program, with plenty of energy, exquisite expression and refreshing repertoire. He knows how to engage his listeners from the first note and has the individuality and imagination to bring alive whatever music he is playing.”
Professor Thomas Murray, Yale University

“Nigel Potts is a superb musician in the most artistic sense, which is what matters first. His abilities as a colourist are especially profound, and the lyricism in his playing is as beautiful as can be imagined from any performer. He deserves to be heard widely.”
Stephen Tharp, Concert Organist